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A new baby is only new for a short time, and as much as we think we will always remember the moments...we won't...
I will preserve the details of this short time. I'll focus on sweet baby finger nails, the flaky baby skin, sweet, fuzzy hair, those pouty lips, wrist and back wrinkles....everything but that sweet baby smell! There won't be a ton of props, just your sweet, perfect baby in all his/her newness!
You cannot go back and re-take these photos once this short time frame has passed. Capture the moment while it's here!

Wrapped Mini: $150 
Up to 1 hour. 1 backdrop with matching wrap, hat or headband.
 5 images with print realease
Petite Session : $375
1-2 hour session in studio. 2-3 setups. 20 digital images with print release

 Session : $575
2-4 hour session. 4-5 setups. All digital images with print release.

*sessions are scheduled Monday-Friday mornings only


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